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What's a System Changer Title

System Changers see the world as it is, and how it could be, through a systems lens. You see problems and opportunities in patterns, relationships, structures and cycles.

With an appreciation for complexity and a desire for deep understanding, you use your unique combination of insight, skills and resources to build a better future. 

You could be leading a diversity and inclusion initiative in your workplace, enabling your community to respond to local environmental issues, or reimagining healthcare with new technology. 

You’re providing funding, support or policy for emergent ideas, increasing access to innovative ways of working, or building communities and networks for knowledge sharing and experimentation.

You’re experienced, or you’re just starting out, working in any field across the public, private and third sectors. You’re a cross-functional super-connector joining the dots, or you’re a specialist creating knowledge in a niche.

You have a public profile, or you’re working behind the scenes.

What unites all of you is your courage to examine and evolve yourself as an agent of change. Your vision for change and the grit to make it happen.

Examples of System Changers I work with:

Filmaker image
A filmmaker creating content TO drive behavioural change.
Ops Brand Specialist image
A Brand and portfolio manager increasing access to venture capital for underrepresented founders.
Grassroots community builder image
A grassroots community builder creating permanently affordable homes in London.
Product Manager image
An access-obsessed product manager at one of the world’s largest tech companies.
Love Coach image
A love coach making dating and relationships better for women with an anxious attachment style.
Tech Founder image
A tech founder, CPO AND CTO building THE BETTER WAY TO FIND A 
Sustainable cosmetics image
An environmental services engineer developing a line of sustainable cosmetics.
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You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time. - Angela Davis

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