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Your growth

Your work as a System Changer asks for your constant growth. It’s one of the things you love most about it.

You could be leading change with an exciting vision, but you lack confidence or struggle to engage others. Or you might be so passionate about solving a problem that it’s taken over your life, and you’re looking for more balance without sacrificing impact.

Coaching enables two things that are crucial to growth; deeper self-awareness and reflection, and taking bold and resonant action. No two journeys and sets of needs are the same, but every System Changer I coach wants more agency to drive change in their life and the world around them.

My coaching

My practice is grounded in the neuroscience-based Co-Active method and informed by over a decade of work immersed in the world of System Changers.

Each coaching engagement begins with a discovery process to explore your needs, set some goals, and dig into what’s most important to you. We’ll also spend some time designing how we’ll work together, considering how you work best and what enables you to make change happen.

Built with a combination of specialist coaching training and in-depth research with ambitious, visionary people like you, my coaching methodology enables System Changers to thrive. Using your goals to guide us, we’ll work together over a course of sessions to unpack where you are today, explore opportunities for the future, and design new things for you to test, feeding your learnings back into our work as you put everything into practice.

Exploring, owning and applying your strengths
Overcoming limiting beliefs and self sabotage
Activating inner resources
Sparking new thought patterns to increase creativity⁣ and agility in decision making
Reducing stress to enable effective long-term solutions⁣
Enhancing neuroplasticity to help process change⁣

Creating change will involve


I’ve got an idea for a once-in-a-lifetime project, but I’m already stretched thin. Can I make it happen? Is it just a pipe dream?
I’m at a crossroads. I either take a stand for what has to change in this industry, or leave it. What do I do?
I’m starting a big new role and I want to put my best foot forwards. What’s my gameplan?

Coaching will help you to build self knowledge, harness your power, and take action towards a more fulfilling life.

Taking on some of our biggest questions in life and work, coaching is personal, empowering and energising.

Unlike mentoring or consulting, coaching enables us to find our own answers. As a coach, my job is to champion your resourcefulness and creativity, helping you to activate them in service of your goals.

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