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Image of Genevieve Nathwani smiling

I’m fascinated by our endless capacity for growth and change, and I’m inspired by what’s possible at scale when we put our potential to work. 

I coach people who lead systemic change. I also write about them, their work and their approach to personal growth, sharing insights and resources everyone can learn from.  

My goals are to supercharge ambitious, visionary people as they build a better future, and to collect and create knowledge on how we can all be more impactful and fulfilled agents of change. 

Prior to coaching, I worked as a strategist, service designer and people practitioner in advertising, early stage tech, philanthropy and venture capital. Studying the interplay between the human and natural worlds gave me my first taste of systems thinking. I have a first class degree in geography from the University of Oxford.

The desire to make an extraordinary impact, whilst cultivating a rich, spacious and joyful life, is what brings my clients to coaching. That's what I'm aiming for too. I live by the sea, just south of Lisbon, with my husband and our two dogs. I'm a lifelong learner, committed to continuing my growth alongside the people I support.